For business owners, high performers, and working professionals:

Quit porn in 31 days guaranteed without using any willpower.

Easy-to-learn and even-easier-to-use strategies that ensure immediate results with 20 minutes of work per day.

❌ No Willpower need❌ Site-blockers unnecessary❌ Don't worry about tracking streaks

If you relapse 3 times during our 31 days, I'll work with you for 3 months free.

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How Trevor ended an 18 year porn addiction in 31 days and crossed 365+ days porn-free:

Trevor first saw porn when he was 10 years old.What began out of curiosity . . . turned into a bad habit . . . then a soul-sucking addiction.He spent the next 14 years as a coomer.At age 24 Trevor realized porn was ruining his life.Porn hurt his ability to be present with his friends and family.Porn zapped the energy he needed to excel at his family's business.Porn took away his ambition and his gains at the gym suffered.Porn caused Trevor so much shame he avoided relationships with real women."I had some successful streaks that would last a few weeks at a time, but I'd ultimately always fall back down the dark hole."Trevor knew all the "tips" and "tricks" for quitting porn and had the encouragement of his closest friends.But . . . something was missing."What I needed were quit porn weapons."And then Trevor found me on Twitter.Right away Trevor realized what I offered men were more than cliches and guidelines . . ."But were actual weapons to destroy this addiction that was eating away at me."Trevor knew he could quit.But there was still one thing left to do.Enroll in the 31-Day Quit Porn Mastery Program and put an end to his addiction.

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"You need to check out David's program if you want to break this addiction"

"Working with David was a breeze""He's not in it for the paycheck he's in it for the long haul""His genuine enthusiasm in helping you break your addiction is contagious""His help in applying Meta-Separation in my life was key in my addiction but also in my everyday life"Thanks to my help, Trevor did what was once impossible.He stopped watching porn.And it took way less than 30 days.His brain-fog? Gone.Bad relationships? Fixed.Putting off work? Putting in the work.Avoiding women? Attracting women.All of his relationships deepened. Interactions aren't awkward or forced. He's confident in himself.Even business relationships are better. Quitting porn opened up new opportunities for his non-profit.His entire life has improved since he quit.See for yourself:

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Meet my other success stories:

N.I., 43 year old, business owner, married, father of 4

J.M., 24 years old, full-time worker, dating

M.I., 25 years old, full time worker, single

J.F., 27 years old, school teacher, single

My strategies exclude:

❌ NoFapWillpower❌ Site-blockersStreak-trackers

You'll never hear me say:

"Just don't watch it bro"❌ "Just hookup instead bro""Do push-ups instead bro"❌ "Go take a cold shower bro"

What do all of those (☝️) have in common?

They don't work. And they let you down.

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What you get when you start day 1:

  • You get lifetime access to the

  • here's-how-it-works and here’s-what-to-do course with modules, exercises, and templates

  • (This gives you easy to learn methods, tools, and strategies for living each day without urges, cravings, or relapse)

  • Direct access to me

  • for 31 days, 24 hours each day, 7 days per week for on-the-spot, in-the-heat-of-the-moment coaching

  • (This is how we ensure freedom through your toughest battles)

  • Four 50-minute Zoom Strategy Sessions

  • where I personalize my strategies to your situation and rewire your subconscious mind in real time

  • (This is so all you have to do is sit back and relax as my strategies go to work)

Guaranteed freedom from porn if you:

  • Apply my strategies

  • (learn them and use them)

  • Message me at least twice daily

  • (Good morning and goodnight texts will do)

  • And attend our weekly Zoom calls

  • (Don’t stand me up bro)

  • If after 31 days you’re still masturbating to pornographic material 3-5 times per week

  • I’ll keep working with you until you quit.

  • If 1 month isn't enough, you get 3 months of coaching for free.

What my Mastery Program does for you:

❌ It can’t say “No” to porn for you…but it makes it way too easy for you to say “Yes” to living porn-free.❌ It can’t click the X tab for you…but it teaches you how to stay far away from porn sites.❌ It can’t overcome urges for you…but it shows you how to release tension so you don’t get urges❌ It can’t take your withdrawals away…but it teaches you how to embrace withdrawal and discomfort.❌ It can’t quit porn for you (I can’t quit porn for you)...but it will give you everything you need to make freedom possible in 30 days or less.

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Here’s why my program only needs 31 days to be a major success:

There’s one simple reason my program lasts 31 days and not 60 days or 12 weeks… or 6 months:I was on a Discovery Call with a dude and he asked me a valid question:“Why 31 days? Why is this not a 6-month program?”I told him:“Because it doesn’t need to be.”The first 31 days off of porn can be the most challenging… if you don’t know how to handle them.But it can also be the most rewarding… if you know how to take advantage of the change your brain is going through.I know how to guide you through the first 31 days of living porn-free because I know the science of withdrawal and the change in brain chemistry during those 31 days.

The science says: All You Need is 31 Days

Dr. Anna Lembke, one of the leading scientists and psychiatrists who specializes in treating addiction, said in her book "Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence has this to say about the science of breaking an addiction in 31 days:"30 days is, in my clinical experience, the average amount of time it takes for the brain to reset reward pathways [which are where addictions happens in the brain]—for dopamine transmission to regenerate itself."Your brain is withdrawing, detoxing, and healing.It’s breaking old pathways and building new ones.This natural process causes cravings, urges, withdrawals, temptation, and triggers.Because of this, strategies, systems, and support are crucial.Without those 3 things, your brain might:fall back into old habits
… justify porn use … “just this once won’t hurt”
… believe your hard earned progress “doesn’t really matter”
… fall into temptation or give into your urges
… lose sight of the end goal of freedom
Not only will you be tempted by porn…
You’ll be tempted to use the same methods that failed you in the past.
_You’ll try and rely on Will-power…_
You’ll set up site-blockers once again…
You’ll reset your streak-track and hope for the best…
Everything you’ve tried has failed you. It hasn’t worked.And it won’t work.If it worked, you wouldn’t be reading this... instead you’d be porn-free.

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The 31 days after your last relapse have the potential to change your life.

The 31 days after your last relapse are a major reset period.This is when your brain needs proper attention so it can break the old wiring of addiction and replace it with something better.97% of addiction breaking tactics out there work against the change your brain is going through.This is what leads to intense urges, cravings, and relapse in as little as 3 days after your last session.Take cravings for example.Cravings can either be the worst part of withdrawal… or the signal in your brain that encourages you to keep fighting.The difference? My strategies.Others tell you “Just don’t watch it bro” when cravings are at their worst and leave you be… praying you win the fight.I don’t tell you… I show you what to do when you get cravings so we can exploit them for long term success.Cravings mean your brain is changing. We use cravings to change your brain in the way you want it to change.How would your life change if you had cravings for lifting weights? Cravings for healthy foods? Or building a business?I show you how to rewire cravings for porn into cravings for success.

Success and freedom are just a few clicks away 👇

Your first 31 days off porn are the same as my last client’s first 31 days off porn.

You may not watch porn for the same reasons as my last client did… or the other 51 men I’ve worked with 1-on-1.Your “why” might be different.But the withdrawal process you go through is identical to the process my other clients have gone through.Since it’s identical I know what happens next.Whether you’re stuck in porn-binging every 1-3 days and can’t break free because of shame and intense urges…Or you can go 3-5 days without any cravings no problem… but then you’re overcome by non-stop urges. The tension becomes too much to handle… and you relapse.(That’s just the first 3-5 days. Don’t get me started on the other 25 days.)I know every cycle, every stage, craving, urge, and withdrawal symptom you’re going to face before you even face it.I know the day and even the time of day you’ll experience it.But this withdrawal theory becomes practice when I give you the tools and strategies you need right when you need them.When the world’s only Quit Porn Strategist is only a text away, those tools are only a text away.The right strategies at the right time are right at your finger-tips.

Let me guide you through the next 31 days to change your life.

Think back… when was the last time you were stuck between a rock and a hard place?How many times have you been stuck only for a good friend to be the voice of reason that gets you unstuck?That shows you the path you need to take?That’s what I am for you.I am right there with you.You get 31 days worth of direct access to me.That means for 31 days straight you are going to have guidance, support, and on-site-strategy-creation within minutes.I take it upon myself to message you morning, noon, evening, night, and any time in between.Because I remember when I was addicted to porn, and how often urges struck.They hit without warning or reason.Because I message you so often throughout the day, we’re able to catch urges before they become relentless and lead to relapse.So whether you’re on day 2 and urges are driving you nuts… or you’re entering new territory on day 7, I’m right there guiding you through it.I know every stage of quitting porn.Do you know what happens on day 17?No? That’s okay… because I do.(On day 17 you’ll have more energy than you know what to do with, but you have to be careful… all that extra energy needs an outlet. Lucky for you, we’ve strategized for that outlet to be ___.)

Let's get you to day 17 and beyond 👇

31 days… the perfect amount of time to break free because that’s all the time you need to break free.

“That’s great, David… but I’ve gone months without porn before. How will this help me?”My 34-year-old client Anthony (who was addicted to porn for 20 years) went 6 months without porn years ago on his own.“I’ve gone a long time without it before, how will this time be different?”This is what I told him:“Because this time you’ll quit the right way.”Yes, there’s a right way to quit and a wrong way to quit.The wrong way means:… using NoFap methods that have failed you in the past… relying on Willpower to be enough to get you through challenges you’ve never faced before… using site-blockers to do all the heavy lifting, until you stumble on something they can’t block… resetting your streak-tracker hoping that “Day 1” will motivate
you... but instead it acts as a justification to watch porn because “It’s only been 1 day”
… and worst of them all… avoiding porn and ignoring your urges, hoping they go away on their own… but instead they come back 10x stronger
Once I taught Anthony the right way he was able to surpass 31 days porn-free and maintain it without any extra effort.How did he go from white-knuckling urges and cravings for 6 months straight to reaching 90+ days porn-free without even thinking about it?

Here's why you haven't quit on your own (even if you've gone longer than 31 days):

The problem with 97% of all other quit porn advice on the internet, at your church, or from your homies, is that it relies on NoFap methods that hinge on one faulty principle:"You must avoid porn for 90 days and that’s the only way you’ll know you quit."Their best advice? “Just don’t watch it bro just go 90 days without it bro it’s not hard bro.”One of the number 1 problems with quitting porn is this:Porn is too easy to find.Porn will pop up on your Twitter timeline without warning. Bam! And it always happens when your guard is down…Finding porn is easy… and saying “Yes” to porn is even easier.Whenever you see or think about porn you’ve got 50 million different excuses telling you how “just this once” won’t hurt.After all that… saying “No” to porn isn’t easy enough.BAM a porno just popped up out of nowhere. Are you saying “No” to that? Nope . . .No matter how much you want to stop watching porn it’s near impossible for you to stop yourself once you’ve started.“I shouldn’t be doing this” turns into full 1080p pickle ticklin’ in less than 60 seconds.And this happens to you every 3-5 days…?

It's time to break the cycle for good 👇

You have every reason to quit porn. So why haven’t you?

You suffer from approach anxiety, performance anxiety, social anxiety… and now your dick doesn’t work unless you watch porn.Your relationships suffer because of your porn addiction. You isolate yourself as porn pushes you further and further away from loved ones.You can’t bear the thought of bringing a porn addiction into a committed relationship… and God forbid a marriage.But worst of all… you know exactly what will happen to you and how awful you’ll feel afterward if you decide to watch porn and relapse.Yet… whenever you get the urge... right back to the hub you go.

Learn how to Say ~~ No to Porn~~ Yes to Living Porn-free.

You wish you could… but you have no idea how to reach a point where you can say “No” to porn and be confident you’ll never go back to it no matter how strong the urge gets.What if there was a way to quit porn without feeling like you have to avoid every possible thing that might lead to porn every 3-5 days?Avoiding porn is exhausting . . . and what happens when you’re exhausted?Avoiding porn is stressful . . . and what happens when you’re stressed?You relapse.And you relapse again and again and again.Not only porn… but you try and avoid and ignore your uges. But every time you ignore an urge… it comes back stronger.

Fight back and win with my help 👇

The core concept of my 31-Day Quit Porn Mastery Program is simple (and why it works so well):

You can rewire your subconscious mind to make quitting porn as easy as watching it.I teach my 1-on-1 clients how to break free from porn addiction without ever having to say “No” to their urges.Before I tell you the quit porn secrets to rewiring your subconscious mind and working with the change in your brain, you need to understand something:The subconscious mind cannot understand negatives.I want you to NOT think about a purple crocodile.(I proved my point.)So. When you tell yourself “Just don’t watch porn” your subconscious mind has no idea what that means.Think about it… how do you “not watch porn”? What does that even mean? (Spoiler: it doesn’t mean anything.)**You can’t say “No” to the urge to watch porn… because the subconscious mind won’t listen to youBut you can say “Yes” to the urge to live porn-free… because that’s something your subconscious wants to do.

Porn holds you back from reaching your full potential. 31 days changes that.

When you work with the world’s only Quit Porn Strategist, you don’t quit porn.You break free from the addiction. You change your life.And on day 1 of our time together you are given the step-by-step process to begin rewiring your subconscious mind so you can live porn-free.You won’t want to watch porn . . . not because you “don’t want to” watch it . . . but because you feel better without it.You find yourself tired after a stressful day at work and you can feel an urge . . . but it isn’t the urge to watch porn, you just want to relax. So you kick back and relax.You must rewire your subconscious mind if you want long-lasting change that doesn’t fail under pressure.Because the best kind of change isn’t a change in your behavior.Quitting porn isn’t just a matter of replacing the habit of watching porn with the habit of, say, writing in your journal.And quitting porn isn’t even a matter of quitting porn.The best kind of change is a change in identity.In 31 days you won’t "quit" porn.You’ll be porn-free.

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With 1-on-1 coaching from the world's only Quit Porn Strategist you'll be porn-free in 31 days guaranteed.

How can I make such a claim?Because I've helped men who are:

  • Single

  • Dating

  • Married

  • Young (youngest was 18 years old)

  • Old (oldest was 57 years old)

  • Christian

  • Islamic

  • Atheist

  • Agnostic

Quit porn in 31 days.Whoever you are, my strategies don't discriminate. They just work.

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Here are even more results from my program:

B.F., 33 years old, full time worker, single

H.T., 28 years old, union worker, single

J.K., 27 years old, high school teacher

J.H., 20, single, makes cheese in Wisconsin

Tom, 48, technical engineer

Jake, 25, dentist

Joel, 21, college student

Adam, 21, warehouse worker

It's time you joined in their success and quit 👇

"What happens if I don't quit during the 31 days?"

It's never happened before but maybe you're a special case.In the event that you do not quit porn, I have 2 guarantees.

The Free Porn-Free Guarantee:

What’s this whole “Quit porn in 31 days” thing about anyway?Simple. You work with me, you quit.My strategies work.But what if you’re special?What if you enroll and don’t quit in 31 days?Oh well too bad better luck next time!W r o n gIf you do these 3 things:Number 1: Apply my strategies and complete the coursework
Number 2: Attend our weekly 1-hour Strategy Session Zoom calls
Number 3: Message me at least twice daily for the 31 days we work together
And are still masturbating to pornographic material 3-5 times per week . . .I will work with you for 3 months total until you’re porn-free.For no extra charge.What’s the worst that could happen?Well . . . nothing.

This is risk-free freedom from porn.

Now, if you’re one of those dudes who . . .Doesn’t take the course seriously and can’t make it past module 2
Doesn’t attend our weekly Zoom calls, or worse, stand me up
Doesn’t message me back but 1-2 times per week
Then you get the boot.I will not work with you for longer than 31 days.So. This means one thing:

If you want to quit porn, you will quit porn. I make sure of it.

"That's great, but what if I relapse after I finish the program?"

If you relapse after you've finished the program, let me know.I will reinstate the coaching for 7 days and get you back on track.

The 90 Day Post-Nut Guarantee:

I call this "Nut insurance" - for those in-the-heat-of-the-moment monents when post-nut clarity hits and you feel awful.Having Nut Insurance means you get 7 days of direct access to me to prevent a potential binge session and keep your freedom from porn alive in the event you relapse after the program has concluded.Whether it's 1 day after the program finished or 364 days after the program finished.If you "finished" with porn we aren't finished until we're finished with porn.Plus, you get life-time access to the QPS Master-Race client-only group chat on Telegram with twice weekly group Zoom calls.

With guarantees like that it's impossible to NOT quit.

Click to make it happen 👇

What you get:

✅ Lifetime access to course material and future updates24/7 personal access to King David for accountability✅ Weekly 1-hour Zoom calls to create personalized quit-porn strategiesLifetime access to group coaching cohorts in the Quit Porn-Hub✅ Psychologically-based quit-porn strategies you can use as soon as day 1 of the program

So. How does the program work?

This is a 1-on-1 coaching program.There are 4 main components:Number 1: The program itselfYou will have lifetime access to the program course material. 14 modules, exercises, templates, worksheets, frameworks, you name it, I made it.It walks you through what porn addiction is, why you’re addicted to porn, and every step towards living porn-free.Nothing left untouched.You can read it. Watch it. Fill in the blanks. Use the exercises in real-time, or go through them in advance.(P.S. You have lifetime access to the course.)Number 2: Four 50-minute Zoom calls“I love how our calls go off on side tangents but we still cover so much ground” – James, 25.The strategy sessions. My mastery in action. This is where we take my quit porn strategies and tailor them to your situation.I will rewire your subconscious mind in real time on our calls (that means all you have to do is sit and listen to quit porn).We dive into the nitty gritty of what’s working and what’s not working and double down on what’s working.It’s a dude (me) helping another dude (you) become a better dude (you, but porn-free).Number 3: Direct 24/7 Access to Yours Truly

“David, you’re annoying” – Trevor, 28.I take it upon myself to message you a lot. You will hear from me morning, noon, and night.Other accountability partners you’re lucky to hear from. Me? You hear from me maybe too much.But this is where we fine-tune the strategies and apply them in real-time.Have an urge? Triggered? Feel cravings?I walk you through what to do, how to do it, and when you need to do it as it’s happening.On-the-spot-strategy-creation. In-the-moment-rewiring. Game-changers.But . . . I make it a point to teach you how to do this all on your own because I don’t want you to be dependent on me.That way when the 31 days are up you don’t think “Oh no what will I do without David!!!???”You work with me so you don’t have to work with me.Because you’ll be porn-free.Number 4: Life-time access to the client only group chatAs soon as you join the group chat you are given immediate access to the client only group chat, Becoming Kings - QPS Master Race.This is an opportunity for you to connect with men who have been there, done that, and get their advice through the program, too.This is a way for you to connect with other men who are going through what you're going through, and who have gone through what you've gone through.In addition to the group chat, we have weekly Zoom calls on Monday and Thursday night at 7 Pm CST.This is the best way for you to stay in touch with me and everyone else well beyond the end of our 31 days together.

PLUS all of this:

How to quit porn in 5 Steps:

We hit the ground running.Here’s how it works:Step 1: You click the green button on this page and enroll in the program.Step 2: Two hours later* we hop on a Zoom call. (Yes, you could start with me in a minimum of 2 hours from now.)Step 3: If we are a fit to work together, I get you started in the program before the call ends.Access to the program, access to me, and our first coaching call scheduled, all in under 3 hours from now.Step 4: Next, you can binge the program (some people do this right after we hang up) or you can fill out the onboarding form.Step 5: Tomorrow you’ll get a good morning text from the world’s only Quit Porn Strategist to kick-off our first offical day together.Then . . . in less than 30 days you’ll be porn-free.

Take step 1 now 👇

Warning: You may experience these side-effects of quitting porn in as little as 7 days:

  • You get rock hard without porn just by thinking about it

  • You're disgusted and turned off by porn but turned on by real, mind-blowing sex

  • Your wife or girlfriend is obsessed with you in every way possible

  • Attractive women take notice of you and can't help but wonder what's different about you

  • Approaching women is easy and you're finally able to build a healthy, sexy relationship with them

  • No more on-and-off streaks that only last a few days, just freedom from porn, great sex, and more energy and confidence than you know what to do with

  • Your quality of life has never been better since quitting porn, and your addiction no longer defines you as a man

  • You finally unlocked the secrets about quitting porn and now you're living your best life ever

  • Every part of your life, including your sex drive, is under control and going great

  • You're no longer drowning in self-loathing, shame, guilt, remorse, stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Your energy levels have never been higher and you're able to chase your dreams and pursue your goals with confidence

  • You're closer to God than you've ever been before and finally able to help other men break their porn addiction

  • You finally have the creativity, focus, and determination to start your side hustle, take your online business to the next level, and get jacked and tan

This is the fastest and easiest way to quit porn.

When I made this program, I wanted it to be easy to use.Because I remember just how easy it was to use porn.One simple thought of “Let’s watch porn” was all it took for me to relapse.So I knew my strategies had to be easier to use.It’s one thing to say “This works!” but takes weeks to become effective.It’s another thing to work so well that you can use the strategies on day 1 of the program.You can use them when you’re sleep-deprived and kept up by thoughts of porn at 2 am (urges don't get much worse than that).They are easy to use when it’s the hardest to use them.Day or night, rain or shine, horny or lonely, these strategies come through.

You know what else makes this program so easy?I walk you through the entire thing.Me, the guy who knows porn addiction like the back of his own hand.The guy who has helped 30+ men quit porn in 30 days or less.But not like a YouTube gamer walk-through.I teach you the good stuff and show you how to use it and when you need to use it.If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.If you’re in a tight spot, I’ve got the lu– the solution.I am right beside you every step of the way.

Click below and start your 30 days today 👇

These 2 strategies alone make quitting porn as easy as watching it:


That voice in your head. The one that makes you relapse.You know, the reason why you can't stop your urges.If only you could make it shut up…
To make it STOP.
But… what if you could use it to HELP you quit porn?What if you could reprogram it? Rewire it?That, my friend, is what Meta-Separation allows you to do.“Let’s watch porn” becomes “I don’t need porn.”“I’ll only take a peak” becomes “I won’t waste my energy.”“I deserve this, I’ve fought hard against addiction” becomes “Keep fighting, you’re almost free. Don’t give up.”Once you’ve rewired your subconscious mind, you will experience no triggers, no urges, and no cravings.And it doesn’t take 90 days to rewire your brain.As soon as you start the 31 Day Quit Porn Mastery Program, the rewiring begins.All you have to do is learn the secrets of Meta-Separation, apply them, practice them, and it becomes second nature.Once you get that voice to shut up and fight with you instead of against you, you’ll finally be able to quit porn. For good.


Hear me out, because this is going to sound crazy.In fact, it will go against everything you know about quitting porn.But remember what I said?Everything you know about quitting is B.S. anyway.Duh, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
Alright. You ready?
What if there was a way for you to quit porn, break your addiction, and never relapse again, but still watch porn?There is.Let me explain.When you read that, "but still watch porn," part of you was excited. Because deep down, there's a part of you that wants to keep watching porn.You've lived with it for YEARS. Yes, you want to quit. You know you need to quit. But the idea of living without this thing you really enjoy is intimidating.That's why Systemic Stimuli Reduction works so well.But there was a second gut reaction you had when you read "but still watch porn."It goes against everything you know about quitting.It doesn't make any logical sense.
You know what else doesn't make any logical sense?
Trying to go without porn for as long as possible, then relapsing, and having no idea why.Do you know what happens when you cut something out without warning when your brain is chemically addicted to it?It freaks out.Any chance it gets, that voice in the back of your head goesI need it I need it I need it I need it I need itSo 3, 5, maybe even a few weeks pass, then BAM out of nowhere you relapse.Because you can't cold-turkey something you've conditioned your brain to need to function normally over the years.. . . but still watch porn . . .In case you're still confused, after you've finished the 31 Day Quit Porn Mastery Program, you won't want to watch porn.In fact, you won't need to watch porn.The chemical addiction in your brain will be broken.You'll finally be free of the chains of porn addiction and living your best lifeWithout the pain of withdrawals, urges, or intense psychological cravingsThanks to my revolutionary approach, Systemic Stimuli Reduction.

Get the strategies today 👇

Meet the man who will burn the porn industry to the ground.

My name is King David.


I spent 9 years of my life addicted to porn. I tried everything to quit.I could manage a week without porn here and there. But I’d always cave in and relapse.I was trapped in my addiction and I was ready to give up, even after blowing a 3-month streak.But I didn't.I went from depressed, defeated, and hopeless... To confident, porn-free, and living my best life ever.

Now it's time for your life to change.
For good.

My four Mastery Pillars:

Now let me make something clear:

I am not some over-glorified accountability partner.

I remember when I had accountability partners.It was meh because it was up to me to reach out to them.That was no good because my subconscious mind wanted to watch porn.And since I wanted to watch it, I wouldn’t tell them I needed help when I had an urge.“If I tell them I can’t watch it”(Five bucks says you’ve had the same thought.)Yeah . . . that isn’t a healthy dynamic.That’s the problem with accountability partners.And to make matters worse, there are only 2 kinds of accountability partners:

  • Accountability partners who are still addicted to porn themselves

  • Accountability partners who never had a porn addiction and have no idea what kind of help and support you need

No wonder your accountability partnerships have been useless.

Here’s how I fix the accountability partner-plunder:

I message you first.And I message you a lot.Here’s what a client of mine had to say about it:“David, you’re annoying . . . ”I hope so, I don’t message you 2-4 times per day for nothing.“. . . and it’s made quitting possible, thank you”You’re welcome, T.H. (26).Having me as your personal Quit Porn Strategist is like having a needy-girlfriend who cares about you quitting porn instead of getting hurt whenever you relapse.(Yes, a client added me in his phone as “Needy-girlfriend”)“Needy”I will double text you and triple text you because I know how important it is to have that accountability throughout the day.I am available to you 27/4 — If I can reply, I will reply.This isn’t churchy “You need accountability! Arr!” This is freedom from porn in the form of “good morning” texts from the world’s only Quit Porn Strategist.

If you knew you had someone rooting for youSupporting youAnd giving you real-time actionable advice when you need it mostHow soon would you be off of porn?In 30 days or less, that's how soon.

Weekly Zoom Strategy Sessions to plan the death of your addiction.

Along with 27/7 access to me for accountability and daily check-ins, we meet on Zoom for one hour, once per week, for 4 weeks.These are our Strategy Sessions.On-call, this is where we take my quit porn strategies and apply them to you and your specific situation.It’s the difference between Googling “How to quit porn” and getting general advice from a porn-addicted pastor that may workAnd getting personal, tailored, actionable steps you can implement as soon as the call is over from an expert who has helped hundreds of other men quit.Some would call this a “deep-dive” — trying to help you figure out your "Why."I call it rewiring the subconscious mind.

Rewiring your subconscious mind = Easiest way to quit porn

How do I rewire your subconscious mind?It’s simple:You tell me why you watch porn and why you want to quit watching pornWhich are your current set of beliefs about yourself and your addictionAnd I tell you the truth about why you watch porn and show you how to live porn-free.That becomes your new set of beliefs.Out with the old, in with the new.
Let’s say you tell me “I watch porn when I’m horny” on our call.
I break this down for you.I show you the root of that belief and why it’s a bad belief.“You watch porn because you think you’re horny, truth is you’re lonely and crave intimacy”Ah, see, that’s a new belief — that’s a new realization, one that hits your subconscious mind.We’re making progress.You tell yourself, “Yeah, that’s true, it is because I’m lonely and crave intimacy.”Congrats, we successfully “deep-dived” and figured out why you watch porn!Hold on . . . you already know why you watch it?

You know why you watch porn but I know how to stop watching porn.

Well lucky for you I give you the how to your why.“Because you watch porn for intimacy, what if you used the urge to watch porn as a sign you need to go out and meet people?”“Whoa . . . yeah, I should do that.”(There’s a chance just reading that above was enough to fix one of your bad beliefs. I’m that good.)But WHY does that work?Here’s the truth about your urges:The urge to watch porn isn’t bad.It’s just misplaced, misguided.It’s the urge for something and it just so happens that something is found in porn.I help you find that something in your day-to-day life.This makes the transition from watching porn to living porn-free easy because the needs — the urge — is still being met.You don’t want to watch porn.We’ve established this.But you do want something.Your subconscious mind knows what
I help you realize it consciously and find it in real life while on call.
NoFap says it takes 90 to quit porn.
I call B.S. (And so do you).
Do you know how fast you’ll be living the porn-free life you deserve with these rewiring sessions?In 30 days or less, baby.

On call we rewire your brain.

The calls are where two dudes sit down together, talk about bro stuff, laugh, joke, and lay the foundation of your porn-free life.“Quitting porn is a guaranteed one-way ticket to pound-town” — something I said on a call once.I am not some preppy-collared therapist-looking dork with a clip-board diagnosing your problems
I am laid back yet excited, I am a guide, a friend, and a brother who wants to see you win.
I’m just a dude helping another dude become a better dude.Here’s an actual clip of me on a call with one of my clients:

See? Super laid back. Yet super helpful.(Since that’s an actual clip, that’s actual advice. Give it a go, it’ll help.)

The last time you'll ever need to search "How to quit porn" again thanks to my program.

So, you get 24/7 accountability and daily check-ins from me and 60 precious minutes each week with me to rewire your brain.Can it get any better?Yes. Yes it can.It’s time you see the program in the 31-Day Quit Porn Mastery Program.The program itself is the grand accumulation of everything you need to know about quitting porn.Let’s say you know nothing about quitting porn.(Ah-ah, remember, everything you know about quitting porn is B.S. so this part is important.)The program will teach you how your addiction was formed neurochemically, show you how your porn use became an unhealthy coping mechanism, and break down why the urge to watch porn isn’t the urge to watch porn at all.And much, much more.But who am I kidding?You aren’t here for the WHY — you’re here for the HOW.

What you get from the program itself is simple:The how-to-overcome-anything-quitting-porn-throws-at-you guide series to ensure quitting porn is as easy as possible.You are not just getting some hyped-up super-book.This program is my expertise and lived experience condensed to the essentials.This is from someone who’s been there, done that, and from my experience helping other men get from been there, to done that, too.With all these time-proven, battle-tested, and psychologically-backed quit porn strategies, do you have any idea how soon you’ll be porn-free?Yeah you do.IN 30 DAYS OR LESS WHOOP WHOOP

Too busy for a program?

But let’s say you’re busy busy busy and you don’t have time to go through a program.Maybe even so busy you’re pressed to get our calls scheduled.I guess you just won’t get anything out of our time together . . .W R O N GI’ve had dudes who only messaged me during the 31-days — because they were so stupid busy they couldn’t make time for the calls or course — and they still quit porn.With 1-on-1 help from yours truly, quitting porn is as easy as checking your phone when it dings for new messages from the world’s only Quit Porn Strategist.“That’s him — and that’s good” you think to yourself.Checking your phone = quitting porn.You can do that.

You will quit porn. So click it and enroll 👇

Don't work with me if:

Since I value my time, I do not work with just anybody.We must make sure we are a good fit to work together.Before you click that green button, this is the kind of dude I won't work with:

  • Lazy

  • Unmotivated

  • Irresponsible

  • Sleeps until 2 PM every day

  • Lives in his parents' basement

  • Incapable of taking good advice

  • Would rather watch Netflix than learn a life changing-skill

  • Thinks that making an investment in his porn-free future isn't worth it

Does that sound like you?If so . . . I've got some bad news buddy . . . this isn't going to work out.It's not me, it's you.

The FAQs:

"Can I really quit porn in 30 days?"

Yes. 100% Yes.Here's why:See, all the other programs you've seen coaches promote hang on a misunderstood NoFap principle that doesn't apply to you.Let me explain.NoFap says it takes 90 days to undo the damage porn has done to your brain.Specifically, it takes 90 days for the grey matter in your brain to go back to normal.Not 90 days to quit or experience the benefits of quitting porn.With my quit porn strategies, your porn addiction will be broken and you'll reap the rewards of all the quit-porn benefits in as little as 30 days.

"Do you offer refunds?"

How do I put this nicely...No. No, I do not offer refunds.The program before you is time and battle tested, psychologically based, and gets people results quicker than any other course or program out there.I'm not going to let anyone sign up, pay for the program, copy and paste everything, then tell me "boo hoo it doesn't work, I want my money back" and lie about it.Not to mention I spend a lot of time working with you. Time that I can't get back. Time that I don't get a refund on if you decide to scam me.If you sign up for the program, you can cancel at any time. But you will not get your money back.Sorry. But also not sorry.

"Does your program have a guarantee?"

No.It has 2 guarantees.

Guarantee Number 1: The Free Porn-free Guarantee

If you don't quit porn in 31 days or less after applying my quit porn strategies, attending our weekly Zoom calls, and messaging me at least twice daily, I will work with you for an additional 31 days at no extra cost.And if that doesn't work, I'll work with you for another 31 days.That's 93 days total.You won't need it. But it's there in case you're special and you do.

Guarantee Number 2: The 90 Day Post-Nut Guarantee

Oh no! Our 31-days are up but you relapsed?Not a problem.Just schedule the 60-minute Relapse Protocol Zoom call with me and we'll figure out why it happened and what needs to happen so it doesn't happen again.That's what's happenin', yo.Plus I'll keep in touch with you over the next 3 days to make sure it doesn't turn into a binge session.

"Do I really need to join a program to quit porn? Is that really necessary?"

What, you think the only thing I teach in this program is how to quit porn?Well, you're mistaken.See, my strategies will help you break any and all bad habits.Because here's the deal:All too often, men think they've quit porn, but the reality is, they just replace their porn addiction with something worse.Porn addiction, when left untreated, can become alcoholism, marijuana abuse, nicotine addiction, and even lead to hard drug use later down the road.So. Not only do I teach you how to quit porn, I teach you how to prevent this addiction from manifesting into something worse.All because we address the underlying causes of your addiction, not mask the symptoms with pep talks and pseudo-therapy sessions.Right now, your brain is wired for porn, addiction, and escapism.You can't sit down and focus on your work. You don't have the motivation to hit the gym and eat healthy. And you don't want to do the hard work to revive your relationship or build a healthy one with someone new.But get this: Everything porn has done to your brain, I will help you reverse and rewire with my psychology-based mental frameworks.You won't just quit porn.You'll get your entire life back. You'll have the energy you need to reach your fullest potential. You'll finally become the masculine man you know you're destined to be.So, no, it isn't just a quit-porn program.It's a total self-mastery program. The first step just so happens to be quitting porn. Because once you quit porn, your best life begins to unfold.And I will walk you through every step of the way.

"What if it doesn't work for me? What if I don't quit porn with your help?"

Well, that's what the guarantees are for.But, there are 2 things you should know moving forward (especially if you're still skeptical):

Working with David Reality Number 1: Quitting porn is your responsibility

I am not the one who controls what you look at, what your hand does, or what your mind thinks about.You are.And as much as I wish I had a button I could press that magically erases your porn addiction, I don't have one.But, I do have my strategies.Remember Meta-Separation?With that strategy alone, I will teach you how to rewire your subconscious mind without willpower, motivation, or dedication.It's easy to do, and you'll learn how to use it on Day 1 of the program.That way, you'll get results as soon as we start. We hit the ground running.Okay? Okay.

Working with David Reality Number 2: I make quitting porn as easy as watching it.

Yes. Quitting is your responsibility.But it's my job to make it as easy and painless as possible.Other gurus will tell you, "Quitting porn is the hardest thing you'll ever do as a man."Yeah... not when you join the 31 Day Quit Porn Mastery Program and get 1-on-1 help from yours truly.I will be right there with you every step of the way. And truth is, there's nothing you'll face that doesn't surprise me.I've seen it all. I know porn addiction like the back of my hand. Whatever you face, I've got a strategy ready to send your way.Whatever happens, I am ready, even if you aren't.I will be with you every step of the way.There's a reason my coaching clients tell me "David, I love you, man!"Because I care about you, your future, your family, and your freedom.You have my word and personal guarantee that with my help, you will quit porn.

"But I've been addicted to porn for X amount of years, can you truly help me break free?"

My strategies don't discriminate.Whether you've been addicted to porn for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, or 20+ yearsWhether you're religious or notWhether you're married, dating, or singleNone of that changes my strategies.All because they are created for you.That's why personalizing strategies is so important, and one of my favorite parts of being your coach.Because I get to dive into the nitty gritty, and show you that, no matter what happens, there is a way out of porn addiction.I've worked with men who have been addicted to porn for 20+ years who couldn't go longer than a day without it.But after our first call together, they're able to clear 20+ day streaks with ease and no longer need me.One of the cornerstones of my coaching program is this:If you need me for ages, I am not doing my job right.I will be the first to tell you, "Brother, you don't need me anymore! You are free!"The only reason men work with me for extended periods of time is because they want to keep working with me, not because they need to.

"How much does the program cost?"

Let me answer your question with a question.How much is your porn addiction costing you?What problems has it caused that you know won't go away until you quit?It has caused years of hurt, shame, guilt . . . and for some of you reading this, it has ruined your relationships.For some of you reading this, it will ruin your relationships if you don't quit.It's caused erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and you're attracted to things that make you sick to your stomach.You can't go longer than 3-5 days without relapsing.All you think about is porn.And you know that porn is the one thing that's preventing you from reaching your full potential.It feels like your life is on pause because you can't do anything as a man until you're off porn.It's true, you've paid the price of watching porn and now your life is miserable.And every day that goes by that you aren't invested in quitting, you continue to pay your dues to your porn addiction and the porn industry.Porn isn't free.Neither is this program.I have another question to ask you.What will your free life look like once you quit porn?The confidence, energy, hard-ons, loving relationships, no more shame or guilt, what's that worth to you?I know the answer for me was "It's priceless."Because now that I'm porn free and addiction free, I've never enjoyed life more than I do now.I sleep better, I can get a week's worth of work done in a week, I have more energy in the gym, I radiate masculine energy, women love me, all of my relationships feel whole again, and I enjoy the small things in life (like watching birds fly or eating honey).It all means something to me again now that my brain is healed and my subconscious mind has been rewired.Freedom is 100% priceless.Now let me make something clear before you hear the price of the program. Because it is an investment.You only have two options for quitting porn:Option Number 1:Continue doing what you've always done and get the same results you've always gotten.Or, the much prefered, much betterOption Number 2:Work with the world's only Quit Porn Strategist and end your addiction in 30 days guaranteed.That's a no-brainer.Option Number 1 is free, which explains the results.Option Number 2 is less than $3,000 USD and the results speak for themselves.You aren't buying a program.You're getting admission to a real-life shortcut that's proven to end your porn addiction in 30 days or less.Guaranteed.You can always make more money in the future.But you can't get back another day wasted thanks to your porn addiction.If you aren't willing to part with some cash to quit porn in 30 days or less guaranteed . . . then I don't know what to tell you."Enjoy being a coomer" I guess?Nah. You're doing this. You know you need to. So make it happen!

"What happens after our 31 days together come to an end?"

There are only 2 possible outcomes:Outcome number 1: You quit porn and you no longer need my help.This is what we work towards during our 31 days together.Our joined sole focus is to break the chains of your porn addiction and lay the foundation for your porn-free life.And as you’ve seen, you will quit porn in 30 days or less.But what happens when those 31 days come to an end?I can tell you what won’t happen:I will never block your number or take you out of my contacts.You will always have direct access to me and I will do my absolute best to answer any questions you have. And they can be questions about anything. I just had a former client ask me what kind of magnesium I take.Lifestyle questions, how to attract women, relationship questions, or if you have any questions about maintaining your porn-free life, I have the answers.Truth be told I will reach out to you in the future well after our time comes to an end.I love checking up on my clients, I love to hear their wins and how they’re doing.So yeah, we’ll keep in touch.Anyway what about option number 2?Option number 2: You are almost there but not quite and still need some helpOh well tough luck you’re on your own, kid.I’M KIDDINGI won’t leave you hanging.Look. If we reach the end of our 31 days together and you’ve worked your ass off to get off of porn but you aren’t quite there, I will keep working with you.That’s what my 2 guarantees are for, anyway.They are there in case you need them.But you have my word, that no matter what happens, you will still have me rooting for you and fighting alongside you.I want the best for you. I will see that you get the absolute best.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the 31 Day Quit Porn Mastery Program today and live the porn-free, energetic, confident life you deserve.

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Take the next 5 minutes to fill out a quick form and schedule a call with me.Or... don't.You could exit out of this page.And stay addicted to porn.Pretend you didn't just learn the most effective way to quit porn possible.You could do that, too.The choice is yours.(P.S. All answers and calls are 100% confidential. Nothing leaves this form.)

Your porn-free life awaits

You can expect results like these in 31 days, guaranteed:

What are you waiting for? It's time to join them.

What happens if you don't work with me?If you keep putting this off?Truth is... the addiction gets worse. It gets harder to quit.The damage becomes harder to reverse.Your brain gets more and more f*cked up. And so do your desires.It's not worth it. Do you really want to find out what happens the hard way by putting this off and believing the lie that "I can do it later"?No? Good.Click below, fill out the application, and start working with me to change your life.

Your porn-free life awaits

  • You can't get hard without weird porn

  • You can't get off during sex without thinking about porn

  • Your wife or girlfriend is devastated by your porn addiction

  • You can't attract wife-material women

  • You can't build healthy romantic relationships

  • You go 3 days without porn, feel great, relapse, hate yourself, binge-watch for 3 days, stop, then start the cycle over again

  • Women in yoga pants are a trigger for you

  • Your energy levels peak the day you take a peek

  • You want to build an online business but have zero motivation or focus

  • You don't get excited like you used to

  • You've tried every quit-porn method but your progress doesn't last more than 3 weeks

  • You're filled with unshakable guilt, shame, and remorse; you feel like a fraud, a screw-up, a no-good coomer-brained loser

  • You wish your streaks didn't determine the quality of your life

  • Deep down you'd rather be watching porn right now